Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bus Driver

I hate bus drivers on 5th ave. I mean all over the city MTA bus drivers are the worst but on 5th ave they are worst of them all. they cut in just like a fast driver would but hello its a city bus with passenger inside just take a break. If I as a cabbie do something wrong I get punished and ticketed, why not a bus driver? just because he is a city employ? so thats make him forgiveable for playing with passengers life but not a cabbie?
anyway this bus driver cut in rite in front of me last week on a very busy day. I had to hard brake my cab and I actually had to honk at him. I got angered & frustrated coz it was a near miss and I had to put an effort to avoid a collision. once I honked at him he opened his window and gave me a thumbs up twice. all my anger and frustration vanished suddenly. his act told me he understands and realizes the situation and is thankful to me for letting him get away with that one. it was a unique experience as usually when one is honked at one act rationally.

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