Sunday, July 4, 2010

Arrest at JFK

Cabbies are not suppose to pickup any one out of a terminal without having a dispatch ticket which means they have to go through the holding lot to get one. three days ago I was dropping an indian guy at lga airpot when a white male approaced me with luggage. I told him to go downstair but he said yes I kno but can you take me? I said no. so he went downstair. we were having slow days and my friends thought I made a mistake not taking him.
Now seems this guy tried to take someone out of terminal 4 at jfk and guess what he or she was an undercover and so he was arressted. once I got my passenger I saw him in a police cruiser being escorted to lockup. this guy was indian & sikh. he had his own madellion and if not he had his own car which means in a slow time u dont have to go through this trouble.

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