Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sapphire Strip Club

I was stopped at a red light on park ave when a guy approaced me. when ppls try to come to my window I tell them to hop in I dont chose n pick, I take where ever they want but he wanted to say somethin so I rolled down my window. He started speaking abt sapphire club and how they are paying 10 dollars cash on the spot if you take a passenger to them and he gave me 4 entry passes with a free drink each.
I know some ppls told me that gentleman club used to give 5 dollars if you take a passenger to them. so this was not new.
so folks you know it now. if you have a desperate passenger take them to saphire club and get 10 dollar cash. thats a good tip yeah? i think its location made them do it. its on 60th street between 1st ave & 2nd ave.
i do pick up some folks but they are never during summer, they were all in winter and they wanted to go to a club, I didnt kno so I asked and took them to marytime on 17th & 9th ave. later on I found out the whole west village is kind of like that. east village to me is more like eat out and have fun kind of place for me.
I am not going to use those passes, so anyone in need hop on in. :d

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