Saturday, February 27, 2010

So I escaped the Snow Storm

NYC Snow Storm Sets Record

So it means I escaped the storm by mere minutes. I was all set to leave around 12 noon on Feb 25th but the guy who had to give me a ride didn't bother to let me go on my own until 3pm after hearing he wouldn't be able to pick me up I asked malik sahab ko drop me off to nearest subway.
I switched to E train which is fastest to my knowledge and stepped out at port authority bus terminal, without wasting any moment, went straight to greyhound bus line' counter and inquired about New York city to Richmond VA he said it will be $63.00 I paid got the ticket and went downstairs to my line. to my surprise and much to my joy there were only 3,4 ppls in front of me. but by 6 it was a long line.
when I had left my home the snow was falling strong and it looked like that bus service would be cancelled at all as the snow was falling pretty hard that I had to check the bus schedule and then take off, I m glad I didnt listen to malik sahab and took my journey as I escaped the snow storm which would have forced me to sit in my room all alone for all this time and now here I m under the bright sun in Virginia enjoying my self.

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