Monday, November 1, 2010

Queens "Bra" Bridge

I was dropping a passenger on 6th ave when an indian guy opened my door. handed me his cellphone and said. do you know this address? it was either a garmin phone or a droid phone but I think hearing it giving instruciton it was a garmin phone.
screen had directions for 72-33 37th ave queens.
I said, " yeah if this is the address I can take you there".
he said you know "kabab king" ? I
I asked, "in jackson heights?"
he answered, "in queens."
me, "yeah there is one in jackson heights I can take you there."
they hopped in.
since we were in 50's so I started going towards 59street bridge. as soon as I was on central park south he took out his cell phone and said out loudly "my phone is showing me directions"
I kept driving and once crossing madison he turned the volume all the way up and I heard his phone giving instruction "go straight 0.x miles" once we were in between 2nd and 3rd ave phone said, " go straight and keep left towards queens "bra" bridge." It was hard to control my laughter but I managed somehow while the poor guy turned off his phone. now I was on the bridge and asked me, "do you know the way?" I assured him I am well aware of where he was going. dropped him off there and bought myself a nice chicken over rice platter.

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