Friday, November 25, 2011

Gay Cop

2 weeks ago. I was going up on avenue of center st when a guy hailed me over. his friend came from behind him. they were going to 6th ave & 4th st, as soon as they gave me destination they started kissing. they were a gay couple. a guy who in a couple you would call husband was in his late 30s or early 40s. the other was real young. just like out of college or something. may be in his 20s. they were kissing very pationately making all those noises and for a straight guy they really were handful.
i kept driving and they started arguing and comparing different things. younger guy was actually kinda abusive but it was none of my business. at their destination I stopped. the the elder guy insisted to the younger guy to pay. younger guy asked me twice how much is it? i told him 6:xx. he said, "its 7 buck you bitch" now I wasnt sure he was talking to me or his partner who was insisting he should pay. before giving me a 50 cent tip on credit card he asked his partner, "y i am suppose to pay this cab you make 120,000 while i only make 50k a year."?
i saw 50cent tip n was kinda upset but said nothing. now the younger guy went outside n older was still sitting. usually i take it as they wanted the reciept. so after reciept finished printing i turned to give it to him and there he was holding his badge out in his hand showing me. while i gave him the reciept he said,"good job, you were very patient."
for the next 5 minutes i was wondering and kinda still am. why did he show me his badge?

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NYC taxi photo said...

WOW, that's weird. I think this guy must've been so high/drunk he didn't understand what he was doing. just a power trip i guess, because i doubt any cop would go to such lengths to be undercover.

He can't really write a cabbie a ticket or anything while he's so intoxicated etc.. that would be pretty embarrassing for him. I hate how New York City seems to know no bounds with people abusing their power.

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