Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good Bye Roaches

a few months back I wrote about roaches & my quest to take care of them. unfortunately every methode was met with a failure at some point. but first. flash back.
back in pk we had a great product. it promised to keep killing roaches for 6 months. in mine part of the world roaches are not as much of a big problem as they are here in usa. I blv its the way home are built over here. they are perfect for many species of life to co exist without us ever seeing them for years. unfortunately I strongly felt that capitalism in america & its greed has gone beyond limits. for example if a product is killing roaches for 6 months over there why cant they introduce it over here? well how else they will make you buy a bottle every month if the product works for 6 months? i was disappointed with the tag keeps killing for 12 months "on contact" seriously? how am I suppose to keep guard & spray to make this product work? I sprayed where roaches were hatching eggs and to my biggest surprise I found them back in exactly 7 days. enough was enough.
I tried boric acid and it works well. it literally takes care of them but white powdery stuff is suppose to sit on surfaces n it looks dusty.
I tried baking powder and sugar mixture but again you have to sprinkle it every where. I needed something else.
then came a tip from kashmir. peoples from kashmir used it in europe to combat roaches. I gave it a try and after yielding 99% decrease of roach sighting in just 3 days I am way too impressed.
its a mixutre of  raw eggs, boiled potatoes & boric acid.

all you have to do is boil a few potatoes depeding upon how much of an area you want to treat.
add raw eggs and 50gms of boric acid.
mix them well.
let it dry for a while or a day.
roll the mixture into small balls.
place these balls where ever you seen roaches or like me treat the whole house and hide them well

the trick is simple, raw eggs smell attract roaches they come and eat some of it along with boric acid. which acts and kills them so a chain reaction starts coz if they eat dead roaches they get the same acid to deal with. where we used to see atleast a few dozen quickly running under the cubboards or behind kitchen counters now I see none. oh no thats not exactly true I do see a few roaches but dead roaches. and the only 1% alive one I saw were young ones in our bathroom where I havent treated it yet fully.

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