Friday, September 10, 2010

Confused and making you confuse

new york city has aroun 8 million peoples and its the biggest mixture of peoples from different back ground race nationalities and countries. so a few ppls learn english fast and a few learn it slow. some fluent enough and some not so good at speaking their hearts out.
so I had an old french couple from jfk. they told me 0000 st in brooklyn. I asked them address and they said remsen between 0000 and 0000 I asked them again and they handed me a piece of paper. it read

for taxi driver

please bring us to 0000 remsen st between clinton st and court st
many thanks.

i was glad some body asked them to print this paper out and hadn it over to the cab driver but was even more pleased with that little word "many thanks" cab drivers care about being respected the most.

this reminds me of 2 more incidents well both of them are bad, One I had to fight in TLC court will write about later on but the second one was again from jfk and it was a russian old couple with most probably their grand child

after our usually greetings exchange the guy went on: e7 between 00 and 00
me: in manhattan?
him: what?
me: you are going to manhattan?
him: brooklyn
me: how you wana go?
him: what?
me: how would you like to go?
him and his wife: e7 between this and that
me: ok you take BQE?
him: yes
me: ok BQE to what exit?
him: ocean parkway

now I am drving once I passed first exit to belt parkway off of van wyck express way the guy said: you missed that
me: missed what?
him: verrazano bridge.
me: what verrazano bridge?
him: I told you verrazano bridge
me: ok you can go to verrazan bridge from BQE too why didnt you tell me
him: I told you ok

now I try at frist not to indulge into a heated conversation untill they keep pushing to I just made a u turn and went back to belt parkway. I took 3rd exit and made a u turn which would have been 0.2 miles.

once at his destination he didnt pay me. went out and knocked the trunk so I poped it. since he was an old man helped him unloading all of his luggage. he came back and asked me how much?
me: 42 dollars.
him: how is this much?
me: I dont know its on meter.
him: I am not going to pay this.
me: what?
him: I am going to pay you 10 dollar less.
me: ok listen either pay this money or call the police, you will pay this money and meter will keep runing if you wait for police and still you will pay me my money.
him: why call police? becoz you did wrong?
me: I didnt do anything wrong you gave me wrong directions now what you wana do pay or police?

he handed me a 100 dollar bill and said I dont have change so break this. I know some time peoples really dont have change so I dont mind breaking bills as long as I check them I checked the bill and gave him 58 dollars back. with no tip and thanks he went his way and I went back to jfk. do I need to mention it was my frist job around 4 on a friday afternoon?

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