Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Extra Driver Fee

most of the peoples dont own the madellion but they own the car means they lease the madellion. now to add a driver to such car fee was used to be 30 bucks. then all taxi management came up and made it 50 dollars earlier this year. now from next week the fee will be 100 dollars. I went to ask if they are serious he showed me a guy's paper who asked him to raise his monthly madellion pay from 2500 dollars to 2800 dollars a month becoz apparently thats what another broker at brighton beach brooklyn is paying.
all taxi refused him, showed him his contract that he is bound to be with them until 2015. now the guy went to TLC and TLC sent all taxi a notice that they could be summoned. now with TLC every body knows they are ruthless animals not taking cabbie conditions into count to make decesion. so all taxi made the move and now the extra driver is 100 dollars on top of your lease. where do cabbies stand? the fare is not rising but every thing else is. the most they will do is they gona make that extra 50 cent permanent a little bone to cabbies?


NYC taxi photo said...

I always was curious about this, as I'd love to just own a cab, it'd be more convenient for me, as I live in Bensonhurst. I could never find out the prices. and it seems easier to get scammed with it. you have to make sure your cab is in good condition and pay for repairs, you have to collect your credit card money at the end of every week or month, and what if the machine breaks, it seems like you have no leg to stand on. add insult to injury, they have no mandated cap on the fees to lease a medallion correct? or they also don't have a cap on the fees to rent a car by the week.

anyway if you know of a good place that might be worth while to arrange the whole renting the cab weekly thing, or buying the cab and leasing medallion let me know. what are all the fees? I go to a place in long island city and take out a cab only for 12 hour shifts during the day, 105 per day. only 4 days.

NYC taxi photo said...

oh btw, it took me two days to get to your blog, it wouldn't load yesterday, i think all the ads on it makes it very hard to load the page.

NYC said...

sorry i hope with less ads its now accessible.

well for cab yes you are responsible for maintenance. but trust me its worth it to own a car.
you pay meter repairs which are once in a blue moon.
credit cards work in a way that you get them weekly
my madellion lease is 800 bucks (my car is paid off, if not paid off add extra 300) plus 23 for rip off and another 100 bucks for extra driver rip off so its 923.
now our credit cards are always more than 923 so they give us our money back every week on mondays. different broker has different days.
my report list mine and my partners details seperately so i tell him if i owe him or he own me. leave paper with him for a day so he can match his records.
rest its convenicne i dont have to look for subway or buses in snow my car is just outside my house and I dont have to walk in warmest summers but
and its A BUT you have to work every week, no vacation or find a driver to cover ur shift. u have to have to come up with lease every week. so if u r not up for that. garage is best. otherwise I say own one.
for cabs not really u can find online listing at nycitcab.com or u can look at jfk. but i must say they are not cheap. my cousin bought a cab just last week, it had 16 weeks to retire and he bought it for 16 thousand. that should give you a general idea. if u want i can leave a comment on ur blog if i kno someone selling his car.

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