Sunday, September 19, 2010

Election Day

Since I start from JFK most of the time I get jobs to manhattan. on election day (i think tuesday september 13th) I had a lady with just a handbag. she looked exhausted. she said I am going to 68th and hunter college, & was wondering in my head if she is a professor when she asked me, " you know vote?" I was dumbfolded coz I couldnt make the connection between hunter college and vote. and honestly I thought may be its a place name coz I get peoples all the time who would expect me to know even tiniest restuarents or bars in the city. so I asked back, "vote?" she said oh you know vote, do you vote? and then it came to me oh today is the election day they had been talking so much lately about replacing democrats. well I told her that I will vote in the next presidential election.she asked me if I was a democrat or republican. well honestly I am kind of a swing vote. I like democrats but I definately dont wana say no to GOP, I do wana hear them out too but seems every time they have to say its always not making much of a sense. if you know what they proposed about tax breaks to wealthy. well as I told her I am going to register as a democrat she cheered and said, " we need all the democrats we can get."then she was not only worried about that day's election but also about the presidential one. she talked about some mardock guy who owns much of media and thinks coz of him obama wont win the 2nd term. then she asked me can you wait outside if you do I wont have to walk to my home its just 3 blocks. I was impressed by her willing to go n vote and take her part to keep the change ameircans got after gettin rid of bush so I gladly accepted to wait she took just a few minutes and was out. Once I dropped her she gave me 20 dollars tip. 70 buck for JFK not bad eh?

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