Monday, September 20, 2010


Armagedon is coming. those were the worlds of my passenger who got in the cab. I asked him how so?
he said, well you know weather is crazy and changed and so is the world and peoples. so something big is going to happen. now I thought to my self may be he read something about the new world is going to end in xxxx year. like y2k and now 21st december 2012 or may be he watched movies like knowing or 2012 so I asked him are you talking about 2012?
he said I dont know but something big is happening and soon we will see.
then he started talkin about himself and how he had lived in nyc. and told me hey man I worked at restuarents and you dont work hourly you work on tip. as soon as he said tip I knew I am not going to get a single penny out of him coz he said how he never got tip or so little. guess what if I was right or wrong about getting something out of him?
I am always right :d


NYC taxi photo said...

dude! ads everywhere! it's getting ridiculous.

Nyc Cab Driver said...

my appologize :)

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