Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taxi Driver at your service sir!

Last Night I was too tired to write this but I actually accompanied a half drunk but well aware of things kind a passenger of mine to help him find the back support belt for his mother.
well I took this guy from park ave and 38 and this guy asked me do me a favor, I said what? he said I am gona drink and you didnt see me. I said you are not suppose to drink. he said I have a get out of jail pass.
he was very talkative guy and talked about everything. he wanted to stop at subway chain restaurant and though my every fare jumper was a drunk I be patient as they wudnt do had they been in their senses. so I planned to do stop if I see the subway restaurant as the worst he could do was to get away with my 25 bucks and best would pay me. 
he saw the rite aid and cried, kido stop kido stop. I stoped rite there and saw a pizz hut restaurant. he said accompany me please. I said thats a pizz hut he said no to rite aid. I tried to explain about the parking but he was in luck parking was rite there in front of us. based on my whole conversation with him in which he never missed a question and knew what I had told him before If I had to repeat something I decided its safe to go with him and help him. 
long story short we went inside he took his things paid and I managed to bring  him back and drop him safe and sound at his place.

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