Wednesday, March 3, 2010

From Richmond, VA to NEw York city

It took forever to get from richmond virginia to here in new york city. first the bus got delayed then it was full and first come first serve we were left behind even though they were suppose to send 2 buess at 2:15 pm. then next bus came at 4:30 pm and thanks god I board in and after a 15 minutes driver the bus driver announced the bus' viper wasnt working. then came back to richmond got into another back which took another 15 minutes as they were undecided what to do. (we were in carolina coach with a greay hound ticket)
then the bus finally took off and it was a local bus so first stop fredericksburg virginia then to woodbridge virginia then springfield virginia and the washington dc. then to my horror we had 2 more stops at down town baltimore and at baltimore travel plaza and afterwards we took off to nyc finally. a long ride and so crazy. with rain ofcourse.

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