Thursday, April 29, 2010

Central park horses

They r traffic obstruction but got more rights than cabbies


Anonymous said...

U r finding fault with horses? At least they KNOW their way around W/O using GPS units!!! How can u call urself a cabdriver???

NYC said...

Haha good one but
a) gps was idle as u can c in the pic
b) I bet u they would need one too in boroughs or with ppls who don't kno anything except the address

NYC taxi photo said...

it's just a completely different job. no driver likes to be near them, but we have to give them their space because they are directing these poor animals through the streets. if cars should happen to frighten these poor animals, they will get severely punished (kicked)

We have no choice but to give them their space, just as we have to give space to busses. we have to understand that everything has a place in this world. We cannot, we should not feel bitter about that. they cannot sit in a sheltered vehicle when it rains, and when it's cold. they cannot get frustrated and push their horse to 60 miles per hour. to compare horse and carriage drivers to taxi drivers is ridiculous.

Unknown said...

i like horses but these guys really dont care abt u or rite of way.

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