Friday, March 26, 2010

Lets Sue Ex TLC Commissioner Matthew Duas

TLC Commissioner Matthew Duas is pretty non-reasonable person. He gave us all bad name and actually made live worse for us. now in a usuall shift you easily see ppls very anxiously looking at meter and one of them would say oh boy this is the longest/expensive ride I have ever taken. I actually was asked in a moking tone on different social groups about when did I overcharge?
so the theory is this that ONE damn guy was doing it and got caught, then TLC decided to wake up and check their data & since they are all geniuses they without analyzing and verifying gave it to Mr Duas, Who doesn't know anything but to sit on his chair and pass laws such as the recent cell phone ban for cabbies (if you look into the details you would wonder who in his right mind could pass that but as I said they are not so bright up in TLC) so Mr Duas wanted to make a bang before he leaves for good made a press release saying that 100% of cab drivers did it. later almost 3 weeks he admitted that he was in a hurry and was wrong upto 90% but still I believe number is much less than that he is accusing.
since we are already suffering MTA tax and it actually decreased our income by some degree becoz ppls don't know its actually going to MTA and now thanks to Mr Duas lets all be together sue TLC and Matthew Duas, they owe us big time.


NYC taxi photo said...

sounds good. It's defamation of character I believe. but we all have to organize.

isn't that the root of the problem, we can't band together.

NYC said...

we cant organize. as soon as we see a passenger on a slow time all the respect for each other is gone.

but we need to be together. or we will be at loss always.

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