Wednesday, February 3, 2010

bad weather and stupid behaviour

is that just me or every other driver feels the same that ppls act stupid while in bad weather. i have seen ppls going over 50 on 2nd ave with rain like pouring.
today was no different its snowing and a guy, another cab driver, wanted to go in front of me while i was makin a left turn from park ave to 46th street as mta police had blocked the underpass for grand central station.
then it was my green light and a guy thoguth its a cool idea to cross the road right in front of me becoz he though i have truck' power brakes and wud save him if he doesnt care for his life.
now my day partner had his grand cheroke slipped and got a dent on the back of the car just becoz he didnt care to put the 4wd on. i hope he drives the cab with care as he is responsible for not only his life but also for the ppls on road and riding with him.
rest keep ur fingers cross for this friday as i heard that is the big one.

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