Monday, June 13, 2011

Your Actions tell What kind of Person YOU are.

Yesterday: A girl hailed me on 9th and 72nd. asked me thompson st & spring st. as soon as I took the 65 street transverse. she kept quite when I didnt turn on 9th she kept quite when I was in the turning lane into 65 st crossing but she went on after I was in the park.
her," we are going to west side. why are you taking this? you dont have to go across park."
me," you are going to thompson & spring, right?"
her,"yes, but thats on west side. I know, I take cab every morning."
me," ok how you would have gone?"
her," you could have taken 10th ave you could take west side highway down but you dont have to go across park to east."
me laughing," westside highway is simply out of your way and do you know 10th ave goes uptown?"
her," well you could have taken 9th ave or you could take 8th ave or you could take 7th ave"
me,"what? 9th at this hour? you know 9th has tunnel traffic and 8th ave goes uptown and 7th has times sq? nobody wants to go through times sq."
her," no times sq is on 8th ave."
me,"miss times sq is on 7th ave."
when she insisted in an aggressive tone. I pulled over as soon as I was out  on 5th ave and told her ride is free if she walks out right now and take another cab. or better she can ask the cop in front of us. she refused to ask the cop and agreed to continue on.
at washington sq park I told her that thompson should not be on our left if she was right. she said she had mixed up 9th & 7th ave. still didnt apologise. gave me 2 dollars on a 21 dollars ride.

today I took a couple they had a child, a girl of 3 or 4. they were going to 13th st & 2nd ave. once on van wyck guy asked me
him,"can you take williams burgh bridge?"
me,"no, why? its out of your way."
him,"out of the way." in a surprised tone and added,"I can give you the toll money."
me,"haha no you can give it to the government."
him,"the government."
once at his destination he used his credit card. gave zero tip. I thanked him twice. question? would he ask the same had he had been going on meter and not on a flat fare? clearly he wouldnt dare. well I understand some peoples simply cant afford it though I am glad he atleast paid the fare.

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Gusgamashuq Abunoori said...

thompson is in the middle, not east or west side. same with fith avenue. that is why all the street addresses begin there. it is the central spine of manhattan, and therefore an appropriate way to get to soho, since soho is not east or west side, it is in the middle. i always consult the passenger before choosing a route anyway, and i show them on the map if they seem confused.

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