Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cabbie Accused of Rape

A few nights ago, I think Tuesday night I had a row of words with another cab driver. he squeezed his cab between mine and another cab on 3rd ave, basically he came from parking lane to infront of my cab and I had to struggle to save hitting him. on the next light I asked him what he was doing and whats wrong with him? he started smart and abused, called names but thing made me wonder was he had a white female passenger in the back and he said & I quote, " I am gona f*** this woman and I am gona come fuck you." I wondered what the poor woman has to do with any of it? I tried to tell the woman but her window was rolled up and she seemed upset with her driver's behavior. Well we went down our ways and I turned to 58th street to upper level queens borough bridge. he came back and again as we were cruising he waived as if he is going to f***. at the jackson ave light he again tried to say something but I managed to make that light but wasnt so lucky on the next one. now he again rolled down his window and said the same thing and I quote. " I am going to f*** this woman in queens village and I will come back for you in queens."

Now I wouldnt pay him much attention as I know most of the peoples from my origion are indeed a lion in their own dunghill. but a news made me wonder if its the same guy as or knows the guy in this incident.

this guy seems a sikh, the guy I had words with was definitely a punjabi & probably a sikh. he was clean shaved and had no turban but looks can be deceiving?

I am undecided wether to inform police about my little incident and would this be any help or police would just think I am trying to give trouble to another cabbie from whom I had faced road rage? I will tip off police If only they had mentioned what kind of cab she took? hybrid or non hybrid? model etc as I definitely dont want to tip off any innocent person.

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