Monday, June 28, 2010

Worst Day of Job

Today was the worst day of job, I missed gay prade again, no no I m not gay but I wanted to see what they look like, are they normal peoples or what?
anyway my friend brought an iphone from somewhere and wanted me to upgrade it to ios 4 then jailbreak it and then unlock it so he can use it with t-mobile. so I wasted 2 hours on that iphone before going to work.
went to JFK. got a fare in half an hour but those were 2 spanish speaking ladies going to affinia garden on e64 st. they gave me no tip. next while a friend of mine was getting a lot of job I didnt get any until e28 st when a guy wanted to go to LGA, took him and fare was $25.57 he only gave me $25.00 I didnt say anything as I did tell him what was the amount but he seemed cheap. (he was an indian guy)
anyway next was a 4 feet tall girl going to 7th ave & prospect ave in brooklyn who told me to take BQE to Prospect expy exit and she will guide me from there. once I took the exit we had this conversation.
ME: OK what exit now
Her: (Holding her friend on the phone) yeah
ME: You wana take next exit?
Her: (again holding her friend) Go straight its gona turn into prospect expy
ME: its gona turn into ocean parkway so you want to go straight to that?
Her: (holding her friend one more time) Yeah
ME: Miss this is 7th ave above us do you want to go to 7th ave or you wana go straight?
Her: (holding her friend yet another time) Yeah
Now I was fed up but saw her looking through the front so I told my self straight she said so straight ahead it is when near church ave exit she said, " i think you passed it I told you to take that exit."
Now when ppls act like that I keep quite and go back without saying a word coz its not worth it to argue. but once I took e5th st she asked me, "sir where are you going?"  I replied, " back" Now e5th becomes one way opposite there so I had to take e3 to go around when she said, " sir why dont you use your gps." I said, "ok" then she told her friend, " THIS GUY IS TAKING ME FOR A RIDE."
I braked rite there, slowed down my car turned and told her, " No I am not taking you for a ride I asked you many times you were on phone and for each of my questions you said yeah, now yeah isnt directions." she said, "but I told you to take 10th ave exit." she lied and made me a little more fraustrated. I asked, " did you hear me telling  you its gona become ocean parkway you wana go straight and you said yeah." she said, " no i didnt hear that." now I was like then how its my fault? you were on the phone not me. you told me to go straight without even listening to what I said.
anyway I turned off the metere rite there told her to pay. in the mean time she had ended her call to pay full attention to where I was taking her. she paid 2 dollar tip on top of 35 dollar ride. now who was taking the other for granted? I dropped her at her house and said good bye but she never apologized but yeah she went real quite. and didnt raised her voice or tune.
next I was fed up enough and was hungry to decided to take a break I went to JFK again. after a while got a job. a couple sat in. girl told me I am going to crown plaza on north conduit. I asked her if she had the address and she said no but go to north conduit and I will tell you.
once at the place where you can take either north conduit or belt pkwy or local road to hotels I asked her so go to north conduit? she said yes. on norht conduit I asked now where? any of the motels here on the side. I was like no god not another one. how in the hell they changed from crown plaza to any motel? I asked do you have any address so I can put in the GPS? she said no so I quickly took out the crown plaza address out of the book and entered into gps while parked in a residental area, once I was off to crown plaza when the girl said ok take us to sheraton on south conduit. I was like what the hell? now you are changing again so I asked in a calm tone. are you walking in? she said yes so I stoped again and started looking for sheraton jfk while I heard the guy its right across the street if you cant find it let me drive. I told her that I need an address so let me find via my iphone since I cant find it in the book. I did and went inside. now if you have been to that sheraton thats the worst one. you have no choice but to drop passenger off road. they dont have a drive way. once there guy jumped out while she told me pls dont stop the meter he has gone to check if they have a room available. finally in 3 minutes he came back while she paid me 5 dollar tip on top of 15 dollar fare.
next was the guy from jfk to hilton garden on w26 who talked a lot wanted me to rite off a reciept for $55 as his job was paying for the ride. and my day ended coz I had to buy some water and do an oil change and afterwards was so uneasy to work anymore and came home around 12 midnight.

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