Friday, May 21, 2010

Can I Owe You 50 Cents?

this guy hailed me at 86 street best buy store. told me he wanted to go to 10 E38. on the way they blew AC at full. after the ride the total was $14.40 the one who piad me said I need the reciept & Can I Owe you 50 cents? & he was serious :d I couldnt blv for a while rather to give me tip he wanted to take something out of me.
2 other passenger demanded reciepts because the price they were seeing on the meter and what I was telling them had a difference of $1.50 Now and of course both of them didnt pay me any tip as they do believe every single world ny post had been publishing about cabbies.
lastly if you had read this post and watched the video I saw the over-smart door man of the video. he was on 41 st side of hilton. between 7th ave & 8th ave


Gusgamashuq Abunoori said...

worst part about the a/c is that it isn't even necessary and the extra gas used comes out of our pockets. people seriously pretend that cabdrivers are millionaires just doing their hobby of driving.

Unknown said...

with ac I have to pay something around 50 for gas. thats a jfk trip.
n then there are girls who would crack a window and all of the cool air is gone in a minute. but u still pay for that,

Paul - City7100 said...

I know how you feel. We have a flat rate between downtown LA and LAX. The customer pays the flat rate ($49.00) but ask for the meter receipt (about $7-$8 more) for reimbursement from their company. They’ll also ask for change from $50…..


Unknown said...

paul: we have the lowest taxi cab rates in the whole nation just because ppls think we get tip so we dont need to hike our rates but after the latest mta tax its becoming a low paying job here in nyc

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