Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How To Block Unwanted Calls from iPhone

Last november I changed my number. T-mobile was offering me a better choice so I went with them they gave me a recently vacant number so I grabbed it. first I recieved msgs for thanks giving and christmas and then new year. early this summer I started recieving calls from different peoples who would ask for some guy and I certainly am not that guy. and now I get a lot of calls asking for some body I am not. being a taxi driver 8'o clock in the morning is like midnight for me. so enough was enough I went looking for a way to block any number from calling my iphone.
I found iblacklist but its a 12 dollar investment and its via cydia so you need to jailbreak your iphone. mine already is but not willing to pay that much for simple task. well simple? yes in old days I had nokia and I could assign any number not to ring but iphone dont let you. so I looked and found something. I could download a silent ringtone and use it on my iphone to get rid of the numbers in a way that phone will never ring as silent treatment will be assigned to them
here is how

download this file
connect your iphone to your pc
add it by dragging it into itunes ringtone line on the left hand column
click on your iphone and then ringtone tab
click sync all or select file your self
click apply

itunes will backup your phone and will sync new ringtone. once done you can assign this to any number by saving it and assignign ringtone and have a better sleep like me :D:)


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