Tuesday, December 22, 2009


so we had inspection for our car today and we passed, yey!. well I had an ABS Module light on and check engine sign on. I asked the mechanic a week prior to the inspection and he told me I could come any night to fix this. I asked him should I fix it now or fix it before inspection and he said general practice is you do it before inspection so u can thoroughly check and replace what ever need to be fixed. 
I took the car last night and he was like you should have come atleast 2 days prior to the inspection so folks never believe and mechanic and take ur car atleast 2 days before if you have check engine and abs module on.
rest it took good 7 hours to finally fix everythin while well below freezing (at least it felt like) temperatures.
you need to run your car for like 30 miles atleast for the car system to adjust and find new problems if any after installing abs and catalytic converter so dont try to be smart as suggested by my friend and donot driver around a neighborhood and go back carefully follow the instruction or u can always pay 45 and get ur machines run over machine I am glad I didnt listen to him ( i dont listen to him much any way)
I actually am very very happy that my car passed and yeah they didnt charge us for being late thats another blunder I dont feel like writing.
catalytic converter looked like this

and abs module looked like this 

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