Friday, December 11, 2009

bad day, no worst day

today was no doubt the most worst day of my driving as a yellow cab driver life. first I kept sleepin until my day partner knocked on the door to wake me up. i went to the city with the utmost desire to return home n sleep. i wasnt feeling gud at all but went to city just to make atleast the lease.
once on bqe from ocean parkway i noticed my cell was with no service sign. i cursed tmobile & iphone and to make things worse my other fone' charger was no where to be found yeah i forgot it in the other bag.
once in the city after my first passenger i took a person to newark liberty internation airport the fare came to 51 with tolls which wasnt what i was expecting. came back n took a guy to laguardia and came back to manhattan both ways my fares werent what they were suppose to be. in full rush hour over the 59 bridge it was only $21 way back over the tri boro to 81 n york it was $14 i had a feeling that meter had a problem but thought may b i m not well so i am being skeptical but then i took a fare from 5th st and ave b to 1st ave up to 59 st bridge upper level to 21st to all the way upto hoyt ave/astoria park and the fare came upto $11 now it was alarmin but i went to laguardia and took a quick passenger n on my way back when i realised somethin was seriously wrong. i drove from lga to bqe to williamsburg bridge to clinton st to ave b and 4th st and the fare was $8.10 the rather sad part was that this guy knew every way n definately kno how much it costs to come to city but he gave only 10 and walked away. i
i hard rebooted the meter took another fare to check n it wsnt working to my satisfaction, had too much so i droped him n went on to home around 10:30pm on my way back i checked it on the highway n it looked like it was working fine again but i have asked my day partner to go to meter shop n get this piece of historic meters checked.
ps: forgive all the "i"

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