Friday, January 29, 2010

No Cell Phones for Cabbies

in a very stupid decesion tlc banned cabbies using cell phones and i heard on 1010 news "call 911 to report" and my passenger commented "like there are no other emergencies other than my driver is on fone" also it made me a little upset knowing that its only for cabbies rather than it shud have been for everybody to put everybody in our shoes we work 12 hours no body can sit in their cars without their fones for half an hour. other stupidities involved are
u must prove ur call was an emergency call = 911
u must answer a call finding a legal parking and engine must b turned off so imagine after 4pm i m lookin for a legal parkin no where around midtown just to answer an emergency call
the perfect thing wud b that every employee and tlc high officials must b banned from using the cell phones while in car and we all will be happy with this new law.

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