Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sleeping beauty

First I noticed 2 female passengers sleeping awkwardly, then to my biggest surprise so was the driver I hope you can see all three sleeping in there.


King of New York Hacks said...

He may have been counting money, he is at a red pics and blog.

Real cab driver said...

Get a job!!

What country was home when you were a kid?

NYC said...

@ King,

yeah thats what I first thought but he was taking a small nap at each light. I was with him for 3 lights on 21 street astoria.

@ real cab driver

thank you for ur kindness the answer lies within

Real cab driver said...

From your accent, I'm going to guess Pakistan. Now, should I try to guess this guys nationality? Hmmmm..... Pashtoon perhaps?

Mind you, I'm just guessing. Don't get insulted, you could have told us.

NYC said...

in this world of tv where most of our information comes in no I m not pashtoon nor offended.

i meant u r what u want to be.

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